Discover The Secrets Of High-Velocity Pitching Mechanics And How You Can Easily Develop Them At Any Level


Hi, I'm Phil Rosengren, former pro pitcher and founder of, and what I'm about to share with you is going to completely change the way you think about pitching mechanics.

I know it did for me... Let me explain.

Over the past several years, I've been in a pretty unique situation. Between the guys I work with locally and the guys who follow my program online, I've looked at video of hundreds of young pitchers and spent countless hours analyzing video and comparing it to the pros. And it's convinced me of one thing...

There's a BIG problem with the way most young athletes are being taught how to pitch...

See, the more videos I was sent, the more I kept seeing the same big differences between these amateur pitchers and their elite, high-velocity counterparts. It wasn't 36 different "positions" or flaws... These were basic CORE elements needed for power and command.

When I started really keying in on these big power moves, everything changed.

And once my pitchers understood how to work on them, all of those nit-picky things I used to get hung up on started miraculously taking care of themselves.

It's completely changed how I work with my pitchers.

And once you develop a deep understanding of these movements...

Your job becomes a whole lot easier. And after you watch these videos, you'll know exactly what I mean when I say developing a powerful pitching delivery isn't really about "mechanics" at all...

Introducing the "5 Power Moves" Video  Program...

Here's Just Some Of What's Included:

  • How to Combat Information-Overload & Focus on The Key Power Drivers in Your Pitching Motion
  • An In-Depth Look How Big League Pitchers (With Different Pitching Styles) Generate 90+ MPH Mechanics
  • A Full Hour of High-Impact Video Analysis with voiceover (easy enough for a 10 year old to understand, detailed and advanced enough for a coach or instructor
  • The 5 Power Move Checklists with effective cues and common tendencies to avoid
  • The Implementation videos demonstrating how to work on these Power Moves in your delivery

Video #1: The Big Shift (Early Momentum)

See why "leading with your hips" is about a lot more than just sticking your front hip out. When you see these big league pitchers in action, you might just rethink how you work on the early load-up phase with your pitchers.

Video #2: The Backside Power Engager

This is HANDS DOWN the biggest area of confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to what it means to have “good pitching mechanics”. And, not coincidentally, it’s one of the biggest separators between high-velocity pitchers and most amateurs.

Video #3: The Counter-Balance & Loaded Stride

The tendency of a lot of amateur pitchers is to swing the lead leg open and raise the throwing arm early as they come out of their leg lift… Probably because so many are taught to get the arms up or get to a “T” or “goalpost” in line with home plate. What you typically see with high-velocity pitchers is totally different...

Video #4: The Lower-Half Unwind

If you’ve ever done even a little digging on how to increase velocity, you’ve probably encountered the concept of Hip to Shoulder Separation. Heck, you’re probably convinced it’s the Secret Weapon you’ve been looking for... Well here's the thing... Yes it matters, but HOW you get there and how you MOVE through it is far more important.

Video #5: The Stabilize & Launch Sequence

Everything you’ve done to generate power in the previous four moves is meaningless if you fall apart at the end of your delivery. In this video we'll look at how different high-velocity pitchers transfer momentum through their hips into their upper half... It's not just about "following through."

PLUS You'll Also Get

The "5 Power Move" Implementation Videos

Video demonstration of simple but powerful ways to work on developing these Power Moves in your own pitching delivery... You'll get high-impact, proven techniques that work for learning these essential movements for maximizing power and efficiency.

The "5 Power Move" Motion Mapping Checklists

The 5 Power Move checklists give you effective cues and will help you identify the most common tendencies among amateur pitchers that rob them of power. Print these up and keep them with you as a reference.


Hear What People Are Saying...

Phil, I've looked at the first two power move videos and I am just thrilled at the information, both narrative and visual.  I am so glad to have found you as a resource and this motion mapping program will benefit me and my pitchers greatly. Thank you a million times.

Phil, These videos are great. I like that you show the key skills across multiple pitchers. It really helps see the key elements of the motion while illustrating that different guys get there differently. I have purchased and subscribe to other sites as well. I like this the best so far in terms of making it simple.

I like the videos! For us visual learners, the videos are well produced and explain the mechanics in a way I fully understand.

Phil, I have spent around $3,000 over the last 2 years on buying different programs so I could deduce the commonalities and better understand my likes and dislikes. I think this program is the easiest to pick up and understand. Everyone else either uses complicated language or isn't as organized. Great job on this.


And You're Getting All Of This For Just $19

So why only asking $19?

Good question... I don't want anything to stand in your way of you taking advantage of this opportunity.

Like I mentioned before, once I really understood these moves and how IMPORTANT they were for maximizing velocity, everything changed with my coaching.

And FAR too many young pitchers are seeing their potential wasted due to an utter lack of understanding on the part of well-meaning coaches and parents...

Think about it for a second... Look at everything you're getting. For a one-time payment of $19...

With over an HOUR of videos, that's less than 32 cents a minute...

And you'll have lifetime access from any computer or mobile device so you can come back to them again and again.

Plus You'll Get A Full Year To Try It Out


365 Day Money-Back Guarantee

That’s right, just $19, if you don’t believe it’s worth at least 3X that much, just send me an email directly at Phil @ and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked and we’re still friends.


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  • q-iconWho is this program for?

    The 5 Power Moves Video Program is for parents, coaches and pitchers looking to gain a deeper understanding of pitching mechanics and finally getting to the bottom of what REALLY matters in their pitching delivery. The videos use plain language and are simple enough for a 10 year old, but detailed and powerful enough for a professional coach or pitching instructor.

  • q-iconHow do I access the program once I order?

    Once you fill out your information on the payment page and place your order, you’ll be redirected within 10 seconds to a Thank You page. There you’ll get the link for the program along with the Password. Click the link, enter the password, and you’re in!

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    Absolutely. When you click the button you’ll be taken to a screen like the one you see above. Just select “Pay by Debit or Credit Card.”

  • q-iconIs this a physical product - will I be sent anything by mail?

    No, this is a 100% digital product… Saving trees and zero wait time! Once you enter the site, you’ll be able to access the program, videos and PDFs from any computer or mobile device, 24/7.