Attention Pitchers, Parents and Coaches...

You Probably Already Have The Most Powerful Training Tool You Will Ever Need As A Pitcher Or Coach

In fact, you probably have it with you right now... And once you learn how to use it to help your pitching, you'll be amazed how simple (and fun) it is.

I've got a confession to make. Back when I first started doing Motion Analysis for pitchers over 10 years ago, I made all kinds of mistakes. It's true. I thought I was helping my pitchers, but knowing what I know now, I was really leaving them overwhelmed frustrated and confused...

See, I had all these preconceived notions of what a good pitching delivery should look like... All the things the "gurus" told me were important. Heck, they led me to believe if I let my pitchers stray from these exact mechanics, they'd be doomed to failure - and their arms would probably EXPLODE in the process. So what did I do?

  • I focused on static positions as if a picture or one still frame told the whole story
  • I brain-dumped everything I could think of and drowned the pitcher in information
  • I gave him 20 different flaws that needed correcting ("or else!")...

And here's what gets me...

Even at the time - deep down - I knew something wasn't right. Anyway, thankfully I got off that track pretty quickly... I saw the light, so to speak.

It's Time to Stop Listening to 20 Different "Gurus" About Their Idea of "Perfect Pitching Mechanics" And Take Back Control of Your Pitching Future

Does any of this sound familiar? See, here's he thing. It has never been easier to take video and analyze your (or your son's) motion right on your own computer or mobile device.

Great news, right? Yes and No.

Sure, it's great having such easy access to video, to be able to see how the pitcher is moving (and for HIM to be able to take it in and process it). But combine that easy access to video with information overload and you have a recipe for disaster.

On top of that, with all the conflicting information out there, the whole thing can leave you wanting to pull your hair out. For example, say you've got two coaches, one for your high school team, another for summer ball.

Coach Jack says you should:

  • Stand tall
  • Stay back
  • Have a straight posture...
  • And  NEVER collapse your back leg

Coach Mike says you should:

  • Lift your leg to your chin
  • Drop and drive...
  • And push off the rubber

Then you talk to 20 college or pro coaches and NONE agree on the right way to perform your pitching motion...


Gain Control, Combat Information Overload, And Lock In On The Real Power Drivers

If you're looking for a solution to this problem, here's the big shift I made with my approach to motion analysis and how you can implement these steps to eliminate confusion and empower your pitcher to take control of his own development.

Over the past several years, I've been in a pretty unique situation. Between the guys I work with locally and the guys who follow my program online, I've looked at video of hundreds of young pitchers and spent countless hours analyzing video and comparing it to the pros.

And I've noticed some alarming trends.

The more I looked, the more I noticed the same big differences between the amateur pitchers and their elite-level, high-velocity counterparts. It wasn't 17 different "positions" or flaws... These were basic CORE elements needed for power and command.

When I started really keying in on these big power moves, everything changed.

And once my pitchers understood how to work on them, all of those nit-picky things I used to get hung up on started miraculously taking care of themselves.

It's really simplified the entire motion analysis process...

But here's the big reason I'm excited to be sharing this information with you.

The Best Pitching Coach You Will Ever Have Is Staring You Right In The Mirror

A pitcher's only going to get so far trying to fit into someone else's mold... And if all you do is rely on a "guru" or coach to tell you how you need to move, you're handcuffing your own development. But when you can sit down, look at your own motion and really KNOW, inside and out, what to look for... That's when the magic happens.

That's what I'm going to show you how to do in this program.

People warned me that I was CRAZY to do this... They said I was "Giving away the Secret Sauce." They told me if I did, I'd better charge an arm and a leg for it. I mean, you look at what some "gurus" out there charge for ONE motion analysis (upwards of the $300), and you can understand why they'd say this. I mean, I'm basically eliminating the need for my services, right?

Well, so be it... See, I believe this information is going to help a LOT of people (more than I ever could doing one-off motion analysis videos). Who am I to keep it all to myself? The heck with that... Now it's not going to be cheap (it's too powerful for that). See, one thing I've learned is that you give information away, no matter how good it is, people don't value it the way they would if they'd made a real investment. But for the people who understand the importance of a sound investment and how the right information can fast-track their development, they'll easily get five to ten times (or even 20X) the value back in real world results.

And Right Now I'm Offering You Early "Behind-The -Scenes" Access To This System For A Fraction of What Others Will Pay For It Very Soon

See, the Motion Mapping Method is still in development. The framework is in place, and Phase I is more or less complete (there's already roughly TWO HOURS of meaty video content), but I want to make sure this program delivers...

So I'm offering you an exclusive opportunity to come in early as a BETA-tester... as a THANK YOU for taking part in the Motion Analysis Power Bundle Giveaway.

You'll get a chance to test it out at a fraction of what it will eventually cost PLUS lifetime access to the entire program once it's ready to go. And in the meantime, you can provide your feedback, get your questions answered and make sure the program really meets your specific needs.

Here's Just Some Of What You're Getting

  • How to Combat Information-Overload & Focus on The Key Power Drivers in Your Pitching Motion
  • An In-Depth Look How Big League Pitchers (With Different Pitching Styles) Generate 90+ MPH Mechanics
  • A System for Getting the Pitcher Engaged in His Own Development
  • My Favorite Software That Can Turn You Into a Motion Analysis Pro For Less $10
  • Little Know Tips And Techniques For Boosting Your Motion Analysis Experience 10X
  • Why Comparing Yourself to the Pros Should Be Saved for A Certain Place And Time (And How To Use Motion Analysis If You're Not At This Stage)
  • Avoiding the Most Common Motion Analysis Traps And Pitfalls That Can Derail Your Progress
  • Before & After Comparisons of Amateur Pitchers To Give You Real-World Examples
  • A Total Behind-The-Curtain Look At How To Use Motion Analysis Software (And Why It's Easier Than You Think... And FUN, Too)
  • Turning Over the Reins And Letting The Pitcher Become His Own Best Coach
  • If You're A Coach: How To Take What You Already Know... And Leverage It To Make Your Coaching 10X More Powerful

Again I'm ONLY opening this up to people who entered the Motion Analysis Power Bundle Giveaway... And I'm closing the doors on Sunday, Jan. 11 @ 11:59pm ET.

This is the LAST time you will be able to get in at this price. So take advantage of this offer before it goes away forever.


The Motion Mapping Method

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Then the doors are shutting to new members... And when it reopens, you can expect the price to be MUCH higher.

Don't Let Some Coach's Idea Of "Ideal Pitching Mechanics" Stop You From Developing The Power Pitching Motion That's Right For YOU.

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Stay Tuned For The Official Release In March, 2015

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