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Attention Pitchers, Parents and Coaches...

You Probably Already Have The Most Powerful Training Tool You Will Ever Need As A Pitcher Or Coach

In fact, you probably have it with you right now... And once you learn how to use it to help your pitching, you'll be amazed how simple (and fun) it is.

I've got a confession to make. Back when I first started doing Motion Analysis for pitchers over 10 years ago, I made all kinds of mistakes. It's true. I thought I was helping my pitchers, but knowing what I know now, I was really leaving them overwhelmed frustrated and confused...

See, I had all these preconceived notions of what a good pitching delivery should look like... All the things the "gurus" told me were important. Heck, they led me to believe if I let my pitchers stray from these exact mechanics, they'd be doomed to failure - and their arms would probably EXPLODE in the process.

So what did I do?

  • I focused on static positions as if a picture or one still frame told the whole story
  • I brain-dumped everything I could think of and drowned the pitcher in information
  • I gave him 20 different flaws that needed correcting ("or else!")...

And here's what gets me...

Even at the time - deep down - I knew something wasn't right. Anyway, thankfully I got off that track pretty quickly... I saw the light, so to speak.

It's Time to Stop Listening to 20 Different "Gurus" About Their Idea of "Perfect Pitching Mechanics" And Take Back Control of Your Pitching Future

Does any of that sound familiar? See, it has never been easier to take quality video and analyze your (or your son's) motion right on your own computer or mobile device.

Great news, right? Yes and No...

Sure, it's great having such easy access to video so you actually see how the pitcher is moving (and for HIM to be able to see it). But combine that easy access to video with information overload… and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

On top of that, with all the conflicting information out there about pitching mechanics, the whole thing can leave you wanting to pull your hair out. For example, let’s say you’ve got two different coaches - one for your school team and another for summer ball.

Coach Jack from school says you should:

  • Stand tall
  • Stay back
  • Have a straight posture...
  • And  NEVER collapse your back leg

Then you go see Coach Mike and he says you should:

  • Lift your leg to your chin
  • Drop and drive...
  • And push off the rubber

Then you talk to 20 high school or college coaches and NONE agree on the right way to perform your pitching motion...


Gain Control, Combat Information Overload, And Lock In On The Real Power Drivers

If you're looking for a solution to this problem, here's the big shift I made with my approach to Motion Analysis and how you can implement these steps to:

  • Eliminate confusion
  • Relieve frustration
  • Download Power Mechanics directly to your brain
  • And Empower your pitcher to take control of his own development

Over the past several years, I've been in a pretty unique situation. Between the guys I work with locally and the guys who follow my program online, I've looked at video of hundreds of young pitchers and spent countless hours analyzing video and comparing it to the pros.

And I've noticed some alarming trends.

The more videos I was sent, the more I kept seeing the same big differences between these amateur pitchers and their elite, high-velocity counterparts. It wasn't 36 different "positions" or flaws... These were basic CORE elements needed for power and command.

When I started really keying in on these big power moves, everything changed.

And once my pitchers understood how to work on them, all of those nit-picky things I used to get hung up on started miraculously taking care of themselves.

It's really simplified the entire motion analysis process...

But here's the big reason I'm excited to be sharing this information with you.

The Best Pitching Coach You Will Ever Have Is Staring You Right In The Mirror

A pitcher's only going to get so far trying to fit into someone else's mold... And if all you do is rely on a "guru" or coach to tell you how you need to move, you're handcuffing your own development. But when you can sit down, look at your own motion and really KNOW, inside and out, what to look for... That's when the magic happens.

That's what I'm going to show you how to do in this program.

But first, here’s what this program is NOT.

It’s not just a bunch of old motion analysis videos I did for other pitchers thrown together and repackaged as a totally new program… FAR from it. Every single motion analysis video in this program is completely new and was created specifically to help YOU learn how to use video and motion analysis software to skyrocket your pitcher’s development.

How would you like to sit down, look over my shoulder and see EXACTLY how I do my Motion Analysis?

Not a tech junkie or software engineer? Join the club…

I’m a pitching coach after all. If I can do this stuff so can you.

phil-bioAnd I’m going to walk you through the exact system I use for each and every motion analysis video I do… I’m even pulling back the veil and showing you exactly how to steal my motion analysis setup without dropping a chunk of money on expensive hardware or software. (HINT: You probably already have everything you need at home right now)

They Told Me I Was Crazy For Doing This

When I first told people I was creating this program, they said I was crazy. They told me I was "Giving away the Secret Sauce." They said if I did, I'd better charge an arm and a leg. I mean, you look at what some of the "gurus" out there charge for just ONE motion analysis (upwards of the $350), and you can understand why they'd say this. I mean, I'm basically eliminating the need for my services, right?

Well, so be it... See, I believe this information is going to help a LOT of people (more than I ever could doing one-off motion analysis videos). It’s just like that old saying…

Give man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day...

Teach him to understand HIS pitching delivery with his OWN eyes… and he’ll become his own best pitching coach for a lifetime.

(Or something like that)

Sure, there’s value in getting an expert opinion or getting a look from “another set of eyes.” And I’m happy to continue to offer that service (there’s real value in it when communicated well).

But When It Comes Down To It, There’s Really Only ONE Set Of Eyes That Matters

And they belong to the guy with the ball in his hand. That’s what this program will do for you. You’ll be able to go deep into your own pitching motion, connect what you sees with what you feel… and know your OWN pitching mechanics inside and out.

But first... a WARNING:

I’m going to be completely up front. This program is NOT for everyone. If you believe a good pitching delivery means fitting into someone’s predefined mold, look elsewhere. Or if you’re looking for someone to tell you absolutes… things like:

  • Land on the ball of your foot with your front foot pointed towards home plate but turned in exactly one inch
  • Keep your foot directly under your knee in your leg lift
  • Break your hands exactly at your belt
  • Never counter-rotate, but maintain perfect alignment to the plate at all times
  • Finish with a perfectly flat back

If that’s what you want to hear. You’ll probably hate this program.

That’s the kind of stuff that gets pitchers in deep trouble, and you’ll see why in the videos in this program. Because, while there are certain things you definitely want to do move powerfully and efficiently on the mound, NONE of the high velocity pitchers you see in this program look exactly the same…

And I’m willing to bet your son won’t move exactly the same either. And that’s not a bad thing.


While this program will be SAVING you a ton of wasted time and frustration, it's NOT going to be cheap. See, one thing I've learned is that you give information away, no matter how good it is, people don't value it the way they would if they'd made a real investment. But for the people who understand the importance of a sound investment and how the right information can fast-track their development, they'll easily get five to ten times (or even 20X) the value back in real world results.

And bottom line, if you’re not serious about fast-tracking your pithing future or giving your son an in-depth education he’ll be able to draw on for the rest of his life, then you’re in the wrong place. I don’t want you throwing money down the drain.

Now For The GOOD News...

If you’re still with me you're gonna LOVE This.

Because if you're looking for total pitching immersion and gaining a DEEP understanding of what really matters in your delivery - and you’re the kind of guy that values a little effort and hard work - and if you know that when you really take ownership of your development, it actually becomes FUN (imagine that)...

Then this program is  definitely for YOU.

Here's Just Some Of What You're Getting

  • How to Combat Information-Overload & Focus on The Key Power Drivers in Your Pitching Motion
  • An In-Depth Look How Big League Pitchers (With Different Pitching Styles) Generate 90+ MPH Mechanics
  • A System for Getting the Pitcher Engaged in His Own Development
  • My Favorite Software That Can Turn You Into a Motion Analysis Pro For Less $10
  • Little Know Tips And Techniques For Boosting Your Motion Analysis Experience 10X
  • Why Comparing Yourself to the Pros Should Be Saved for A Certain Place And Time (And How To Use Motion Analysis If You're Not At This Stage)
  • Avoiding the Most Common Motion Analysis Traps And Pitfalls That Can Derail Your Progress
  • Before & After Comparisons of Amateur Pitchers To Give You Real-World Examples
  • A Total Behind-The-Curtain Look At How To Use Motion Analysis Software (And Why It's Easier Than You Think... And FUN, Too)
  • Turning Over the Reins And Letting The Pitcher Become His Own Best Coach
  • If You're A Coach: How To Take What You Already Know... And Leverage It To Make Your Coaching 10X More Powerful

Take A Sneak Peek Inside The Actual Program

Watch the video below and see exactly what you'll be getting access to in this program.

(This video will likely be coming down very soon)

The Motion Mapping Method Is Really Like TWO Programs In ONE

In the first part, you’ll dive deep into the key movements of a powerful pitching delivery, looking at high impact video of both amateur and professional pitchers. This is where you’re building the all-important understanding needed for making meaningful progress. You’ll also learn all the ins and outs of working on your pitching delivery, broken down according to the 3 Stages of Motor Learning.

This info ALONE could easily be a program all by itself. But I wanted to hold nothing back. So I decided to completely pull back the curtain and show you EXACTLY how I use video and motion analysis with my pitchers.


And if you’re a parent or coach and you’re NOT using video, its’ time to step into the 21st century. These days most kids already have their own high-powered motion capture on them already… It’s called their phone. And if you’re not using video, you’re getting left behind.


But the problem is that most coaches and parents have no idea how to use this powerful tool effectively…

And that kind of power in the wrong hands becomes a dangerous thing. So in the Motion Analysis How-To Section you’ll learn the simple but highly effective process I follow to so you can use video and motion analysis like a seasoned pro and take your pitcher’s development to the next level.

So Here's What You're Getting:

  • Over 50 High-Impact Videos
  • The 5 Power Moves Motion Mapping Checklists (PDF’s)
  • The 5 Big Power Move Videos: see detailed video analysis demonstrating how hard-throwing big league pitchers (with different styles) generate power by linking these movements together
  • The Amateur Pitcher Videos: A deep inside look at some of the most common tendencies as well as some powerful Before & After videos of pitchers who have made meaningful positive adjustments


  • How To Work On Your Pitching Delivery In The Three Phases of Motor Leaning
  • How To Use Video Effectively In The Three Phases
  • How You Can Steal My Entire Motion Analysis Setup (without breaking the bank – or even without spending a dime)
  • My 6 Point Motion Analysis Checklist: Print this up and keep it right there with you – this is the same checklist I use for all of my motion analysis work
  • The Method for the Initial Motion Analysis: Everything from setting the stage, to what to look for, broken down in step-by-step format
  • The Method for the Follow-Up Analysis: When and How to use video motion analysis for propelling the pitcher forward in his development
  • The BIG Motion Analysis Traps: The vast majority of coaches and parents are making these mistakes… (learning to avoid these mistakes was the critical step in making my use of video something the pitcher could actually use to make positive changes)
  • The Deep-Dive Bonus Videos: In these bonus videos you’ll see detailed analysis and explanation of some of the most common areas of confusion in the pitching delivery (you’ll learn about what matters, what needs fixing, and what to leave alone)

Some Early Member Feedback...

Now when I first set out to create the Motion Mapping Method, I let in an initial first wave of BETA-Testers before the doors closed... And it was with their feedback - real parents, pitchers and coaches - that I built out and completed this program to make it what it is today. And just as I'd been hoping, the early feedback on the program has blown me away. Here's just a taste of what guys are already saying about this program.

Phil, This is very good. I think the videos are great. I like that you show the key skills across multiple pitchers. It really helps see the key elements of the motion while illustrating that different guys get there differently. I have purchased and subscribe to other sites as well. I like this the best so far in terms of making it simple.
I like how the videos are only focused on a very narrow aspect and are kept from getting too complicated all at once.
The majority of the problems our pitchers have are rooted in the bottom half and the approach you've developed has distilled, expanded and clarified how we're working with the boys.
I like the videos! For us visual learners, the videos are well produced and explain the mechanics in a way I fully understand.
Hey Phil, Still loving what's coming out through the Motion Mapping site. I was watching the mirror and dry-work video on the Phase One page and you implicitly answered a question I'd had but had not been able to coherently formulate.
I just want to tell you that you have opened my eyes when doing an analysis. I would stop video and sort of compare a models mechanics compared to the pitcher being analyzed. You are absolutely right, everything should be geared to dynamic pitching, not static movements.
Phil, I have spent around $3,000 over the last 2 years on buying different programs so I could deduce the commonalities and better understand my likes and dislikes. I think this program is the easiest to pick up and understand. Everyone else either uses complicated language or isn't as organized. Great job on this.

Your Special Offer

Think about this for a second… What do most people pay for weekly pitching lessons (from a coach who may or may NOT have a clue how to use video)? $50, $70, $80? And a lot of times, for a really good coach, it could be $100 or more. Every week. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how that adds up.

And want to know something scary? A pitcher only retains about 40% (or less) of what he learns in a typical lesson environment. That means if you spent $400 on lessons, $240 of that investment went straight down the drain.

Now the information in The Motion Mapping Method comes from decades of experience as a pro pitcher and coach… from someone who has spent literally hundreds of hours analyzing video and identifying the key differentiators between high-velocity pitchers and most amateurs.

Plus you’re getting all of my Motion Analysis Trade Secrets – this is stuff I have NEVER shared before publicly.

The info you’ll get access to is INFINITELY more powerful than what you’ll get in a 4 or 5 typical pitching lessons. Plus you’re getting lifetime access to the program so you can come back and watch the videos again and again... At a cost of less than $2 per video.

And I Haven’t Even Gotten To Your Special Bonuses

If you jump on this offer before the deadline, I’m also going to throw in these special bonuses:

  • FREE Lifetime Access to the Ballistic Pitching Blueprint - $97 Value: You’ll see some of these drills in the Motion Mapping Method. This program gives you the complete system of drills I use for helping pitchers develop powerful pitching deliveries.
  • FREE Lifetime Access to the Curveball Mastery System - $67 Value
  • Access to the LIVE VIP Bonus Q&A Session: After this initial release, I’m going to be doing a special private Live Training Session just for MMM Members to address any questions you have about the program.
  • A Special Custom Video for YOU: Just send me an email with your ANY question you have about pitching mechanics or motion analysis, and I’ll create a brand new video showing you how I would address like you were right there with me at the facility

Plus a previously unannounced bonus for the NEXT 5 people who grab this program:

If you're one of the next five to order, you'll receive a Full Year of Pro Features to PowerChalk - the same motion analysis software I use to do all of my side-by-side motion analysis work.


Now even though I could probably charge well over $1,000 for this program (and really, the information inside is worth way more than that to those who implement it), I want to make sure everyone who is SERIOUS about their development and could benefit from this high-level information can get it. So I’ve decided to offer it for less than a third of that. For $297, you’re getting decades of experience and a complete System, unlike anything else you’ll ever see, for using video with your pitchers like a seasoned pro.

But I’m even going to go a step further.

I’m going to knock an extra $100 off the price so you can get this entire system of over 50 high-powered videos for $197. For less than what a lot of people spend on a youth baseball bat, you can get a LIFETIME of high-level pitching information right at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Or if you prefer, you can even break up your payments and go with the installment plan. Make one payment of $59 today followed by 3 additional monthly payments. So for about what you’ll pay for one private lesson, you can get started right now and won’t have to pay a thing for another 30 days.


365 Day Money Back Guarantee

Yup, you read that correctly. I’m so confident that this will be more powerful than any other program for helping you understand the pitching delivery and using video to skyrocket your development that I’m extending a complete 365 Day Guarantee. Try it out for a Full Year, and if you decide it’s not for you, just send me an email  and I’ll give your money back. No questions asked, and we’re still friends.


Sorry, this limited time offer has expired.

NOTE: This is a 100% digital product – no physical items will be shipped. After your purchase you will be taken directly to a registration page where you'll get instant access to all of the videos and materials in the program. 

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